Preparing presentation materials

Preparing presentation materials

In preparing a presentation, it’s important to consider supplemental material. Your presentation isn’t just about what you say; it’s about how effectively that information is conveyed in a lasting way.

Types of Learners

There are three main types of learners that you will want to engage: visual learners (who absorb material best via visual stimuli), aural learners (who learn best by hearing information), and kinesthetic learners (who learn best by doing). Every unique individual learns via a combination of these three learning types with one type being dominant and one being particularly weak.

Engaging Different Learning Types

You want to ensure that your presentation appeals to each aspect of the learning spectra and includes materials which will resound with each of the three major learning types. Most presentations include an aural portion, but ensure that you also stimulate visual learners with slides or posters.

Kinesthetic learners are perhaps the most difficult to engage in this setting, but with a little creativity you can bring them along as well. Include an interactive portion of your presentation; some opportunity for utilizing critical thinking skills to connect with the presented material.

Preparing Visual Materials

In preparing your visual materials, keep a few guidelines in mind:

  • Long quotations are often difficult to follow; try placing them on a slide so that your audience can read along with you.
  • Graphs and charts are always helpful because they present information in a lateral fashion.
  • When selecting color schemes for your visual material, be sure to pick something that’s vibrant without being loud. Deep reds and blues are great; neons are best passed over.

So, in preparing your next presentation, take a moment to consider what you’re showing and doing; not just what you’re saying. Your information will engage and consequently stick with your audience better if you consider how to best bring them with you.

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