Tampa Meeting Rooms

Tampa Meeting Rooms

Our Tampa Meeting Rooms gives business owners like yourself the flexibility to do business, hold interviews and presentations and above all; establish a professional presence in extraordinary Downtown Tampa.  We do away with the need of having a physical office location to meet with clients and potential employees.

Rent a Meeting Rooms and gain an edge over your competition.

For a fraction of the cost, hold a presentation, interview and meet with clients in the heart of Downtown Tampa and only pay for the time needed at hourly rate.  We provide the most cost efficient way to conduct business professionally with your clients.

Tampa, Florida is one of the fastest growing and most exciting cities in Florida today and as the city expands, smart businesses are finding great opportunities to establish themselves in the market. With the help of our Meeting Rooms you can start doing business in the area today!

Tampa Meeting Room Benefits

Reduce Cost

– No need to go through all the work of finding a location
– No need to purchase office equipment (furniture, IT and Phone Services)
– Save you time and money and concentrate on developing your business

Slow Approach – Better Success

– Many entrepreneurs and Start-Ups unfortunately fail in the first 6-12 month due to cost and other difficulties associated with running a business.  We provide you a way to ease into your market with minimal cost.

Professional Office Space

– Our Meeting Rooms are More than just a space to conduct business. We provide a professional environment in one of the most well known building in Tampa, The SunTrust Tower.  This alone will lead you in the right path to success.

– If you are in need of a Meeting Room in Tampa, contact us today to book your meeting room and experience the benefits of partnering with Opus Meeting Rooms.

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Tampa Meeting Room Location

401 East Jackson Street (SunTrust Tower),
Tampa, FL 33602
P (813) 315.3986

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