Attorneys Meeting Rooms

Attorneys utilizing meeting roomThe majority of Attorneys clients are local to the primary office, however, there are times when although the client is local, the client has retained him for representation where he may have to travel to represent his client effectively, in these cases, the Attorney would have to secure an area where he can properly prepare for his client’s needs. A reserved meeting room by Opus is his best option.

Meeting Rooms usage for Attorneys

Criminal Defense

In all criminal defense cases there is an overwhelming amount of information needed to defend a client. An Attorney would have to retain the services of a local paralegal to do filings and research, he will need an investigator local to the area for witness and information gathering. As the Attorney is preparing his clients defense, he will need to meet with this staff to review all the facts and information gathered. He will also need to complete witness interviews and witness preparation. The outcome of any trial is dependent on how prepared the Attorney’s are to present their case. The meetings between the Attorney and his staff must be held where all the preparation for defense can be studied, reviewed and prepared for trial. Nothing less than an Opus Meeting Room will meet the needs of a criminal defense attorney preparing a case if he must prepare outside of his own office.

Family Law

Family law deals primarily with custody issues, divorce, domestic violence petitions and adoptions. If a couple is divorcing and the husband and wife are already separated, an attorney may have to travel to another jurisdiction to litigate on behalf of his client. The attorney would need a meeting room to prepare the case for litigation. The same holds true for any case preparation where the attorney has to travel to meet his client’s needs. In the case of execution of will, the attorneys client may have been local to the practice but upon the clients death, it may be more convenient for the Attorney to travel to the family rather than the opposite. For the sake of professionalism, he would want to reserve a Meeting Room to present the last will and testament to the family.

An Adoption would warrant the same needs, if the surrogate lives outside of the attorneys practice area he would have to travel to get all the administrative duties, paperwork in order and filed under the court jurisdiction where the adoption will be taking place. Again, the professionalism of an attorney would dictate reserving a meeting room to meet and handle this legal matter.

Corporate Law

A corporate lawyer deals in corporate business transactions. They specialize in multiple aspects of the law and how it affects business. This can include contracts negotiations, securities, tax law, code compliance, intellectual property, bankruptcy, financial reporting and a host of other specializations. The majority of a corporate lawyer’s job is studying laws and drafting necessary documents. If an attorneys has to travel to his client, the attorney would want to review all documentation in regards to the particular area of business being conducted at the time, the attorney for the sake of privacy and to maintain a level of client/attorney confidentiality, would want to reserve a meeting room.

Real Estate Law

Real estate lawyers maintain all the documentation surrounding real estate transactions, including purchases, leases, inspections and appraisals. They are also involved and assist in any title insurance issues. If anything should go wrong in a real estate transactions, a real estate lawyers will step in to file and defend lawsuits on behalf of his client. Although the Attorneys client is local to the Attorneys office, the property in which any legal matters are need to be handled may not be local to the attorneys office, this may cause some travel for the attorney. As all paperwork and preparation in being handled off site an attorney would benefit from a meeting room to address the clients as well as the real estate legal matters.


A deposition is the recording of an oral statement given by a witness under oath before a trial begins. A deposition serves two purposes, one is to find out what the witness actually knows and the second reason is to preserve the witness testimony. The intent of a deposition is to allow all parties involved to get all the facts surrounding the case, this gives the attorneys the opportunity to prepare their case before the trial begins. A deposition does not take place in court, instead it usually takes place in the Attorneys office. Obviously, if an Attorney needs to depose a witness and he does not have the convenience of being in his own office, he would want to insure the deposition was taken in privacy and in a professional environment to ensure accuracy and privacy for the witness. The attorney would absolutely benefit from reserving a meeting room.


As you see above there are many benefits that Attorneys can take advantage of when utilizing an offsite meeting room, but when utilizing an Opus Meeting Room you will also have the outstanding service and a great back-office support.

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