Choosing the Right Business Attire

Choosing the Right Business Attire

Finding the right clothing for any job can be difficult but finding the right attire can be especially difficult in an office setting. In some settings full business wear may be too formal while business casual may be to laid back. The key is finding pieces that work for every level of the corporate ladder and that work well with all budgets. There are four staple pieces that every business man and woman need in order to have a viable and versatile wardrobe that works for all occasions.

Blazer or Suit Jacket

The first piece is a blazer or suit jacket. This piece can be used with all business levels and office types. By having a good blazer or suit jacket, even someone with little money can have a great wardrobe. With a good suit coat, wearers can really make even inexpensive pieces look more expensive. By adding a great coat that may cost a bit more than other pieces in your wardrobe, users can create a great look that only features one expensive piece as opposed to several.

business girl with purple blouse

A nice skirt and shoes can make an outfit look impressive.

Good Pair of Slacks

The second piece is a good pair of slacks. This can help to dress up shirts and shoes that may not be as dressy or impressive as other pieces. A good pair of slacks can be paired with other pieces that are not as expensive and can make a full outfit.

Dress Shirts

The last piece that you should consider is of course shirts. The shirts are not as important when it comes to expense because they are often covered by jackets, sweaters, and other pieces. This means that dress shirts are a great way to cut expenses and to save money to purchase more expensive pieces that are going to be seen every day.

Any of these pieces can help make any outfit instantly more impressive without spending thousands of dollars on a wardrobe.

So what do you wear to make your wardrobe impressive without spending the big bucks?

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