Change Your Meetings from Conventional to Collaborative

Change Your Meetings from Conventional to Collaborative

Conventional is a word commonly used to explain something that is ordinary or run of the mill. If you’re still having conventional design or creative business meetings, you shouldn’t expect extraordinary results. When you’re in charge of meetings for design or are expected to produce a new and innovative results, conventionalism must be the first to go out the window. By doing so, you will effectively be setting a conducive environment for collaboration, creativity, and extraordinary results. The following the tips will help you change you meetings from conventional to collaborative.

Rectangle, Square, or Oval

Several conventional meeting rooms feature elongated rectangular tables with two distinctive leader or head positions. This framework is ideal for board rooms, but stifling to notions of collaboration. Instead, collaborative environments need circular or U-shaped tables, both which encourage discussion and bolsters creativity. By removing the leader from the room, you’ll be empowering everyone to speak up and offer their input.


Meeting collaboration thru video conferencingCollaboration and creativity cannot be confined to a particular space. To truly invite unharnessed collaboration into your creative briefs or meetings, let the participants move, walk, and experience ultimate comfort within a certain level. To really spur collaboration, remove all tables or barriers and simply allow free flowing ideas to pass back and forth.


While projectors, pointers, etc. are relatively conventional conference room equipment, the most collaborative rooms are bolstered by video teleconferencing equipment. With the ability to collaborate with people across the world, creativity and collaboration will be bolstered to new heights. For example, if you could video conference in someone from the satellite office in Japan, you could have a totally new perspective and idea on how to most effectively position your product.

So what will you do to change your meetings from Conventional to Collaborative?

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